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Frances Cooley - Inspiring Light

6pm - 8pm Tuesday 2nd April
Cass Art - 43-45 Park St, Bristol BS1 5NL
Private Viewing
My work celebrates the effects of light I see on the subjects in my studio anden-plein-air.

With these canvases I have loved using vibrant colours in oil.

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Frances Cooley

Still finding influences from my Seville trip back in March. Just started on the lemons. https://t.co/4KZLD7KL2K

Frances Cooley

There's a strong circular movement in the makeup of this tree, as thought it's spiralling up into the bright sky. 5… https://t.co/WPkQs92ZMM

Frances Cooley

I feel this piece looks at home amongst tropical houseplants https://t.co/JSlio60hcf

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